I Will Always Champion Good/Bad Painting

I Will Always Champion Good/Bad Painting
Whitechapel Art Gallery
Albert Oehlen Oehlen’s irreverent and playful work has pushed the vocabulary of painting into a deliberately ugly anti-aesthetic. I Will Always Champion Good Painting refers to Oehlen’s abstract paintings, grey paintings, collages and collage paintings; I Will Always Champion Bad Painting to his digital poster works, computer paintings and collages.

Cover design
The cover is printed one-colour offset litho onto unbleached cloth.


A separate jacket was produced for the two exhibition venues. Each was printed on 90gsm uncoated paper so that the cloth design would be just visible underneath
Endpaper and jacket typography
The interview is printed on the endpapers at the front and back of the book and repeated on the inside of the full flap jacket.


Paper stocks
The book uses two paper stocks, uncoated and coated, for the essay and portfolio sections.
Design. Layout. Typography. Production. Press-passing.

Lithoprinted, clothbound with two 80gsm 2-colour full-flap jackets. 128pp. 5/2-colour sections. Various paper stocks.

Whitechapel Art Gallery
Published by Whitechapel Art Gallery
Curated by Andrea Tarsia (Whitechapel)/Martin Clark (Arnolfini)
ISBN 10: 0854881514/ISBN 13: 978-0854881512