At the Edge of Art

At the Edge of Art
Thames & Hudson
Jolie Blais and John Ippolito The digital work of engineers, software programmers, biologists, and architects, whose creations are not conventionally described as artworks are presented, for the first time, alongside the more conventional new media artists.

Get hold of this fascinating and cogently written book and explore the far edges of art while you can. It may help you to redefine what art is. Art Monthly (London).

[A] dynamic design that challenges conventional art publications. Thames & Hudson

At the Edge of Art provides focused, in-depth readings of projects as they relate to specific themes that characterize the medium. As far as I know, there is no other book that really does this. Whitney Museum of American Art.

A brilliantly designed, authoritative, and open-minded attempt to ground the slippery terrain of digital art. ArtKrush
Design. Typography. Layout.

Hardback with 4-colour PLC. 256pp. 4-colour throughout.

National Trust Books
Published by Thames & Hudson
ISBN 10: 0500238227/ISBN 13: 978-0500238226