Back To Black

Back To Black
Whitechapel Art Gallery
Whitechapel Art Gallery traces the cultural impact of the Black Arts Movement through the painting, sculpture, photography, graphics and film that emerged over the 1960s and 1970s in the US, Britain and Jamaica. The ghetto, black popular culture and politics are among the themes explored.

Cover blocking
The cover was created by scanning wooden letterpress type and foil blocking onto Plike.

Design Concept
Gold foil blocking and a gold pantone throughout to alluding to the black swinging 1960s and ‘bling’ culture.
Exhibition tour
Walsall, United Kingdom. September–November 2005
New York, Spring 2006
Chicago, Summer 2006
Los Angeles, Autumn 2006
Design. Typography. Layout. Production. Press-passing.

Flexicover with gold foil blocking. 192pp. 2/5-colour sections.

Whitechapel Art Gallery
Published by the Whitechapel Art Gallery in partnership with Africa 2005/BBC and Rich Mix
ISBN 10: 0854881425/ISBN 13: 978-0854881420
Curated by David A. Bailey, Richard J Powell and Patrine Archer-Straw.