Edmund Clark: Guantanamo Bay

Edmund Clark: Guantanamo Bay
Dewi Lewis Publishing
This book illustrates three experiences of home affiliated with the Guantanamo naval base: the camp complex where the detainees are held; where the officers live and the homes of former detainees. These notions of home are brought together in an unsettling narrative that emulates the disorientation central to the Guantanamo interrogation and incarceration techniques. It also explores the legacy of disturbance these experiences have in the minds and memories of these men.

"When you are suspended by a rope you can recover, but every time I see a rope I remember. If the light goes out unexpectedly in a room, I am back in my cell." — Binyam Mohamed, Prisoner #1458
Association of Italian Photo Editors, Book of the Year

International Photography Awards/Lucies, Best Book Award

The Guardian: Best Photography Books of the Year
Edmund Clark
Known for thoughtful and powerful images exploring control and incarceration. Awards include winner of the 2010 International Photography Awards (The Lucies), 2009 British Journal of Photography International Photography Award, and the 2008 Terry O’Neill/IPG Award for Contemporary British Photography for his book Still Life Killing Time. His work is in several collections including The National Portrait Gallery, London, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

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ISBN: 978-1-904587-96-5
Clothbound hardback
192 pages, 247mm x 310mm
135 colour photographs