F1 Retro 1980

F1 Retro 1980
Williams F1 Racing / Motorsport magazine
The second of Mark Hughes’ F1 Retro series that take an F1 season of the past and put it under the microscope using today’s knowledge. With this unique approach to photoeditorial and design, this is a multi-layered account of the romance, politics, personalities and technicalities of the 1980 season.

'Victoria works with authors and publishers understanding what is sought and delivers visually stimulating ways of meeting or exceeding that through her imagination and experience. It is a very potent combination that unerringly delivers, on time and to budget, a brilliant end product.’ — Mark

Watch a book review on SkySports with Mark Hughes.
Colour scheme
Colours were inspired after a tour to the Williams Heritage Centre. There was no specific Williams green, rather many different shades even on each car. So different greens were used on the cloth, endpapers, and print.
LAT Archives
Mark Hughes and I spent two days going through the LAT archives looking for previously unpublished slides that show the behind the scene and human side of racing.
The stats section was printed in 2-colour (flu green and black).