George Baselitz: A Retrospective

George Baselitz: A Retrospective
Royal Academy
Royal Academy A monographic catalogue to mark the first solo retrospective of a living artist at the Royal Academy. By exploring Baselitz’s development and reproducing all major works, it reveals the artist’s experiences of post-war German society.

Georg Baselitz (1938–)
Born in Saxony, Baselitz, the painter, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor, is perhaps best known for painting his motifs upside-down as a strategy to liberate the subject matter. His work incorporates figures, animals, birds, landscapes and still-lifes.
Limited edition artwork
An original signed print by the artist is available in an edition of 100.
Design. Typography. Layout.
Printed in 3 editions: special, hardback and paperback. Special edition: Clothbound hardback cover with 1-foil and blind blocking. 4-colour french-folded jacket. 260pp. 4-colour throughout. Contains screenprinted original limited edition artwork.
Royal Academy
Published by the Royal Academy
ISBN 10: 1905711050/ISBN 13: 978-1905711055