Land Art

Land Art
Royal Society of Arts
Royal Society of Arts A compendium of texts, dialogues and collaborations by ecologists, economists, cultural theorists, activists and art writers that explore the notions of sustainable land management and cultural production in the 21st century.

Arts & Ecology lecture series
Identity design for a lecture series promoting discussion on ecological developments in the art world. The conclusion of the lecture series was marked by the publication of the Land Art handbook.
The book has eight smaller statistic pages wrapped around the book's sectioning.
Paper stocks
Three different paper stocks are used for the portfolio, statistics and project sections.
Ecological printing
All the materials for the book were sourced ecologically, from the paper and card to the unbleached cloth and the vegetable inks.
Design. Typography. Layout. Production. Press-passing.

Logo design. Printed and electronic stationary. Website. Book: 4-colour, offset-litho, hardback, cloth cover with 1-colour bellyband. Lasercut endpapers. 232pp. 4-colour throughout. Various paper stocks. All materials ecologically sourced.

The Royal Society of Arts
[A] complex and ambitious volume… a conceptual toolkit for comprehending the linked future of the two terms in question. Frieze

Published by The Royal Society of Arts
Curated by Max Andrews
ISBN 10: 0901469572/ISBN 13: 978-0901469571