Missorts is an immersive location-based sound walk app based in Bristol's Temple Quarter. The app is a GPS-triggered experience featuring ten short audio stories and an original musical score.

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Interactive Map

The map was designed to clearly show the full active area of the app (organ composition), the trigger points for the commissioned audio pieces (written stories) and local landmarks, as well as being fully compatible overlay for GoogleMaps. Symbols clearly indicate which audio pieces are playing or have yet to be discovered.

The app also had branded accompanying printed materials: booklets, maps, flyers and coffee cups.
Local Landmarks

The app directed users to local landmarks encouraging them to engage with their everyday surroundings. On the left of this image is a fragment of a tram track. During WW2, this part of the track was bombed and propelled over the church to where it is now. The churchyard kept the track in the position it landed as a reminder of how near the church came to being destroyed.

The app highlights other local points of interest using local history and architecture as the inspiration for creative writing.