Reuters: Move!

Reuters: Move!
Reuters A promotional publication commemorating Reuters’ move from Fleet Street to their new Docklands offices.  


Photo editing and pairing
The images were chosen from Reuters’ extensive archive. First selected on the basis of their individual quality, they were then paired according to their content.
A tribute to the ingenuity and cunning that a photographer has to combine, along with an eye for a picture, in order to get a brilliant image. The Independent.
Photography as history. The peerless Reuters collection tells a multi-stranded story — of celebrity, hardship, normality, beauty and brutality — through the lenses of the world’s leading photo-journalists. The Guardian

Picture editing. Design. Typography. Layout. Production. Press-passing.

Hardback cover with 4-colour jacket. 144pp. 4-colour throughout.

Published by Pearson PTR
ISBN-10: 0273706314/ISBN-13: 978-0273706311