David Batchelor: Shiny Dirty

David Batchelor: Shiny Dirty
Modern Art Oxford
David Batchelor Batchelor explores colour through various kinds of structures, often assemblages of second-hand objects. His light boxes refer to the shapes and colours of a metropolitan environment.

Shiny Dirty
Ikon Gallery
4 February–28 March 2004



Design Concept
The typographic treatment and colour scheme were inspired directly from the artwork.
Design. Typography. Layout. Production. Press-pasing.

Softback cover 5-colour cover with full flaps. 56pp. 5/2-colour throughout.

Ikon Gallery Ltd.
Published by Ikon Gallery
Supported by AHRB, the Elephant Trust and the Henry Moore Foundation.
ISBN 10: 0907594964/ISBN 13: 978-0907594963