The British Landscape

The British Landscape
Chris Boot Publishing
John Davies Davies’ photographic portraits of Northern England in the 1970s survey the landscape, from the mountains to the city centres, to create compelling views layered with social and historical detail.

John Davies
Davies has spent 30 years photographing the industrial and post-industrial landscapes of Britain. His photographs have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Royal Academy and the V&A in London.
Duotone Printing
The black and white duotones give an exceptional depth and warmth to these images.
Accompanying exhibitions
PhotoEspaña, Centro Cultural de la Villa de Madrid
National Museum of Photography Film and Television, Bradford
Deutsche Börse Prize, Photographers’ Gallery, London
Michael Hoppen Gallery, London

Nominated for the Deutsche Börse Prize, 2008
Design. Typography. Layout.

Clothbound case containing limited edition print and book: hardback cover with 3-colour jacket. 112pp. 2/3-colour sections. Duotone b/w photographs.

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ISBN 10: 095468947X/ISBN 13: 978-0954689476