Whitstable Biennale: 2014

Whitstable Biennale: 2014
Whitstable Biennale is a contemporary visual arts festival, with particular focus on film and performance work. The festival is an important platform for some of the UK's most interesting up-and-coming artists to showcase their work, as many of their alumni going on to tour their works around the world. The app is a digital programme for festival-goers, with a map, information and allows users to save their favourites events.

The Diary Tab has three layers of detail: a calendar, a chronological list of events, and artist’s portfolio pages.
The Artist Tab has two layers of detail: list of artists and the artist’s portfolio page.

The Favourites section has two layers of detail: a calendar listing the days on which you have your favourite events, and a list of these events ordered chronologically.
The Venue Tab has two layers of detail: list of venues and the venue detail page.