1. David Batchelor: Shiny Dirty

    David Batchelor

  2. Anna Barriball: Snowflakes

    Anna Barriball

  3. Jim Lambie: Male Stripper

    Jim Lambie

  4. Anish Kapoor

    Anish Kapoor

  5. Readers Series

    Readers Series

  6. Synthetic Reality

    Victoria Forrest

  7. George Baselitz: A Retrospective

    George Baselitz

  8. In the Face of History

    Barbican Center

  9. Whitstable Biennale: 2014

    Whitstable Biennale: 2014

  10. Jeremy Millar: Zugzwang

    Jeremy Millar

  11. Ori Gerscht: The Clearing

    Ori Gerscht

  12. It Starts From Here

    De La Warr Pavillion

  13. Whitechapel Gallery Expansion Project

    Whitechapel Art Gallery

  14. Helen Sear: Inside the View

    Helen Sear

  15. Zineb Sedira: Saphir

    Zineb Sedira

  16. Antony Gormley: Inside Australia

    Antony Gormley

  17. Antony Gormley: Blind Light

    Antony Gormley

  18. Sophie Calle: The Reader

    Sophie Calle

  19. George Condo: Mental States

    George Condo

  20. Broomberg & Chanarin: Fig.

    Broomberg & Chanarin

  21. Missorts


  22. Hotshoe Magazine


  23. Peter Bobby: High-Rise

    Peter Bobby: High-Rise

  24. Out Of Beirut

    Modern Art Oxford

  25. Steve Pratt: I Don’t Want to Shoot Your Children

    Steve Pratt: I Don’t Want to Shoot Your Children

  26. Back To Black

    Whitechapel Art Gallery

  27. John Korner

    Max Andrews

  28. Anish Kapoor: Place/No Place

    Anish Kapoor

  29. It Starts From Here (exhibition)

    De La Warr Pavillion

  30. Bethlem Gallery & Museum

    Bethlem Gallery & Museum

  31. Roy Lichtenstein: Still Lifes

    Roy Lichtenstein

  32. Everything Flows

    Film & Video Umbrella

  33. Andy Warhol: Treasures

    Carlton Books

  34. Nathan Coley

    First Site

  35. Peter Bobby: Curtain

    Peter Bobby

  36. Animation Sketchbooks

    Thames & Hudson

  37. Ergin Cavusoglu: Places of Departure

    Ergin Cavusoglu

  38. Jes Fernie

    Jes Fernie

  39. Bethlem Gallery (identity)

    Bethlem Gallery (identity)

  40. Remote Scottish Postboxes

    Martin Parr Foundation

  41. John Latham: A Lesson in Sculpture

    John Latham

  42. Whitstable Biennale (website)

    Whitstable Biennale

  43. Ian McKeever: Imprint

    Ian McKeever

  44. I Will Always Champion Good/Bad Painting

    Albert Oehlen

  45. Kerry James Marshall: Along the Way

    Kerry James Marshall

  46. Paul Neagu: Palpable Sculpture

    Paul Neagu

  47. More London

    More London

  48. Sarah Lucas: Ordinary Things

    Sarah Lucas

  49. Two Minds

    Jes Fernie

  50. Whitstable Biennale 2016


  51. 46 Brooklands Gardens

    46 Brooklands Gardens